Abstractions‘, ‘Photoelectric’, and ‘Fast Life and Dematerialized‘, were born from a feeling of sudden realization of the beauty embedded in everyday life.Going around with a camera, be it a film, digital or mobile phone camera, whilst having the ability to photograph everything and everywhere, made me more attentive to the world around me, especially to small and everyday objects.

When I was paying a close attention, everyday objects suddenly appeared to me new, unusual and even in an abstract form. The beauty I felt to revealed absorbed my attention, carried me away and evoked the desire to share this special experience.

Implementation of the long exposure technique on objects and people in movement produced a result which coordinated with my perception of reality – the city in a constant movement, the people who are in a constant hurry to achieve ‘the next thing’. In the theatre of fast city life, the settings and the surroundings stay in the same place, preserved throughout the historic periods, while the people always move, never stop in the same place and vanish into oblivion. I wanted to stop in the midst of this never-ending process and freeze that special moment, to capture the everlasting movement in a single moment in time.

Most of these pictures were taken without arrangement or plan, but were born out of a sudden urge to capture a different view of the everyday life and objects.

(From my portfolio)

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