The future countries that will see the iPhone70 countries will soon get the [official] iPhone 3G.

Israel is not one of these countries, and I’m quite annoyed at this.

The most annoying thing is that Israel’s neighbours – Jordan and Egypt will get the iPhone. How ruthless can Apple be? People will stand on the other side of the border with their 3G iPhones laughing at the Palestinians and Israelis, who will fight each other just to get a glimpse…

Countries like Liechtenstein [pop. 35,365], Macau [pop. 520,400] and Guinea-Bissau [pop. 1,586,000] are going to get the iPhone.

Hello!!! The glorious people of Israel have already jailbreaked more than 25,000 iPhones. Bought in American and European Apple Stores and brought to Israel in deep pockets, or bought in one of the dozens private importers of the iPhone to Israel, without the consent of the valid distributor iDigital.

Israeli entrepreneur Ouriel Ohayon says: Who cares? 

But I do. I care!

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